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We are excited to announce our first …but certainly not our last… font.

SASHAY SCRIPT is an elegant yet friendly script font with a rich smooth voice that gives an immediate human connection to any design. Just click on our 'Fonts for Sale' section to see this new font 'Sashaying' down the font runway.


Lettering | Custom Type Design | Calligraphy | Typographic Design | Script | Handwriting or Cursive, Pen, Brush, even… a Font.… whatever name you know it by - custom designed hand lettering is expressive and vibrant and reflects the mood that you're conveying immediately… faster even than the time it takes to read the actual words. Give your words life and they will give your work power!

Here at Hoffmann Angelic Design we provide professional custom hand lettering and type design for: packaging and product logos; corporate branding; real estate development logos; book jacket titles; author branding; and all manner of print and web… basically, every time the written work is written, and subsequently read, it can be improved to communicate so much more effectively when the lettering is skillfully designed to attract the audience that you're aiming for.

Our site shows a wide variety of custom designed lettering that we have provided for our clients over the years and the lettering styles and their uses are many and varied. We have divided our site into sections for easy viewing, but if you are looking for lettering inspiration you never know which section holds the lettering that will feed your creative soul and in that case… please look in every section. But keep in mind that lettering is very individual and is never limited to only the styles that we show here, this website is only a tiny pie slice of the work we have done over time. We are always excited to work with you exploring new directions for your project, so feel free to challenge us!

Most recently we've had fun creating lettering for merchandise. T-shirts; iphones; scarves and other products now proudly wear our designs. So check out the brand new 'Stuff for Sale' section. Besides, you'll find exciting lettering there which may not be in any other part of our site.

And don't forget that every once in a while we do take time out of our crazy busy schedule to upload what we've been up to most recently, in the 'New' section. So please do come back occasionally.

We work with good characters and good characters work with us.

Andrea & Ivan

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