hoffmann angelic design

Every project is an individual and that is how we approach each job - individually.

Initially we love to hear from you through an email because in your email you can include a visual of what you need or what you are envisioning. After all, we are visual people and we will be creating a visual for you, so what a great way to communicate.

Once we've established the needs, scope and budget of your project we will place the summarized information on an estimate for you. This estimate lists the project's design direction, what we will provide and what the costs will be.

We will require some type of go ahead to proceed - such as a P.O., an email confirmation, or sometimes a deposit with a signed estimate, it all depends on your project.

Then, on to the fun stuff….

Once we have created the lettering, a selection of mockups is sent to you as a PDF file, or as a vector file - if mockup placement is required. The designs might be in the form of pencils (yes real pencil, we still start on the board) or possibly raw vectors (meaning not yet polished to perfection… a trace straight from the pen - and yes, we also still use ink) or at times even fully drawn out vectors in color. This is one of those instances where what has been decided at the beginning comes into play, as each presentation style takes a varying about of time to execute.

After this initial stage there may or may not be tweaks or changes and each subsequent set will be sent as mentioned previously.

However, once you've made your final selection, we then complete the art to finalized perfection and send it to you as an email attachment ready for you to drop into your project. Mostly we send out vector files but occasionally a raster file might be needed. In either case your project is off and running.

We update our site occasionally so please do come back now and again for new inspiration. Don't forget to visit all the different portions of our site: such as 'logo design', 'illustration' and even 'stuff for sale', as not all of our lettering is where you might expect it to be and most pieces are not repeated throughout the site. After all, you wouldn't want to miss your 'perfect' inspiration.

Show your client you care enough about their project to go the extra design mile - treat them to CUSTOM DESIGNED LETTERING.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your project.
Send us an email with a description of your fantastic idea or give us a call at 604.535.8551.
(bearing in mind that we are on the west coast and are in the Pacific time zone).

Andrea Hoffmann | Ivan Angelic