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Sashay Script is an elegant yet friendly script font. It is a rich smooth voice that gives an immediate human connection to any design. Do you need to display: speech; thought; emotions; desires…Sashay Script says it all in a clear legible script. It struts down the runway with panache, accompanied by: 13 Icons, 42 Ligatures and 21 Alternates.

Although it is clearly a font that represents handwriting, it is very versatile and usable in that it is: easy to read; has good flow and looks great in both paragraph form or as a standalone word or line. As a bonus, since each and every letter was crafted from the ground up, Sashay Script can be used at larger sizes without losing any of its elegance as its edging is well groomed, without the raw edges that can be the terror of handwritten fonts at larger sizes.

Sashay Arrows & Underlines was designed to match with Sashay Script. Often a font such as Sashay is used descriptively and the flow and line-weight of the 68 arrows and underlines match Sashay Script in look and feel.

Please take a look at the gallery images (see link below) that show both Sashay Script and Sashay Arrows & Underlines, in use. We just know you'll have a perfect project for this little model of a font 'Sashaying' down the font runway.

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